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What people are saying

I love the competitive element of this game and winning with a partner. Then I get to share my victory and bragging rights with somebody!


A perfect combination of strategy, teamwork, and a little luck.


Easy to learn but difficult to master. A must have for game nights with friends and family!


Partner up. Its time to play!

Whose got your back? Whose your buddy. Your bro. Your guy. Your girl. Your homie. Your rock. Your #1. Your accomplice. Your pal. Your mate. Your PARTNER? Who do you want to go on a journey with? Endure the losses with? But most importantly, celebrate your wins with?! Well grab them and get ready to battle cause only the duo with the right strategy, a bit of luck, and the ability to work with their partner is going to be claimed victorious.

PARTNERS is a 4 player game played in teams of 2 where players will use cards to move their pawns around the board and into their finishing zones. With a card swap at the beginning of each round, partners will help each other better their hands and improve their position in the game. But beware, your opponent will be using a combination of eating, blocking, and swapping to sabotage your forward progress. The first partnership to get all of their team's pawns into their finishing zones first wins! 

PARTNERS Tournament