The board game PARTNERS was invented by Thomas Bisgaard. Thomas was on vacation in a summer house in Denmark with his family. There was only one problem, it would not stop raining which turned this summer getaway into a mostly indoor affair. It wasn’t long before all the kids had gotten bored of playing the traditional games they had on hand-some cards and the board game Ludo amongst others. And that is when a moment of creativity struck Thomas. He sprung to action and combined Ludo with cards instead of using dice and decided to give it some exciting twists. It was a hit! They played that first version of what would come to be known as PARTNERS the entire vacation and soon most people in Denmark would be doing the same. From its humble beginnings, a combination of strategy, teamwork, and a little bit of luck have propelled PARTNERS to become the most popular board game in Denmark today. And it just so happens you will need the same combination to win yourself a game of PARTNERS! So partner up and find out what has gotten Thomas’s family and all of Denmark so addicted for so many years!